12 September 2021 Lymington-Keyhaven Open Day at Normandy

LymNats had a stand at Lymington-Keyhaven Nature Reserve Open Day on Sunday 12 September, an event organised by HCC, NFNP and HIWWT. Our stand was manned throughout the day by a combination of Brian, Richard S, Julia and John. Exhibits included animal skulls and antlers, a Grass Snake skin, a Wasps nest, Green Woodpecker droppings, sea shells, plant material, Richard C's photos and a first - a live exhibit. Julia brought in a dragonfly nymph (in a tub with water and weed) that received much attention.

There were a number of local wildlife exhibitors as well as children’s entertainment provided by Aimee Durnell and our Mary Macmillan (aka Mothing Mary) helped Pete Durnell opening moth traps.

The day got off to a fantastic start with an immature Osprey interrupting its migration south from the Tweed Valley to west Africa (identified from rings seen on photo published on the internet) and soaring virtually overhead, flapping occasionally and gliding with wings held with a distinct kink at the wrist (carpal) appearing bowed head-on.

LymNats' stand fielded enquiries about membership and volunteering opportunities throughout the day. When beginning to pack up a second live exhibit put in an appearance on the stand - a large caterpillar identified as being a Buff-tip moth.

Apparently there will not be an Open Day next year as it would become a biennial event alternating with HIWWT's Roydon Woods Nature Reserve Wood and Local Produce Fair (usually held in May/June and not since 2015).

Thanks to our members who helped during the day, and also Catherine Chatters of HIWWT for her support via Brian. Also thanks to Pete Durnell for setting up another successful open day.