Walk report: 21 November 2019 Eling

The report is not too detailed this time

As just for some fun, I've done it in rhyme.

Sue and Geoff and seventeen more

Gathered at Eling to walk by the shore.

Before that though, we thought we “aughta”

Stroll inland by Bartley Water.

The first good sighting of this tranche

Was a Kingfisher poised upon a branch.

Mallard and Mute Swan were closer to see

Blue tits aplenty were up in the  tree.

© Richard Smith
Over the footbridge and into the wood

Bird life was quiet but fungi were good,

Funnel-cap (common) were seen on the ground

Jelly Ear was the best of the others we found.

Out past the reedbed, over the boardwalk,

We stopped in the graveyard for biscuits and talk.

Jelly Ear
© Glynis Payne
Next on the field trip, within easy reach

We went up to the churchyard and down to the beach.

It didn't take long to look fore and aft

And see numerous Wigeon bobbing in raft.

We saw Great-crested Grebe, Curlew and Coot

With, Oystercatcher, Jackdaw and Turnstone to boot

Cormorant, egret, godwit, Teal, Brent

Were others we spotted before back we went.

Both in the churchyard and our return way

We were treated to views of colourful Jay

And on reaching the car park, ready to go

Again, the Kingfisher - another fine show.

Geoff Nuckley 

And we all photographed the Kingfisher!

© Richard Smith

© Glynis Payne

© Richard Coomber