Walk report: 17 October 2019 Pennington Shore Search

Geoff-in-boots with various seaweeds and shells © Glynis Payne

Some of the search results © Geoff & Sue Nuckley
Thirteen hardy souls braved a stormy morning for our shore search field meeting and although we were drenched on our walk out, spirits were not dampened and we set to work collecting and attempting to identify the specimens we found. Unfortunately, the water was stirred up and very murky so we just explored the intertidal zone where the storms had thrown up a great ridge of seaweed onto the beach. A good variety of both seaweeds and shells were collected and among those we identified were:
Shaggy Inkcap
© Glynis Payne
Seaweeds: Bladder Wrack, Serrated Wrack, Knotted Wrack, Sugar Kelp, Velvet Horn, Sea Lettuce and Bootlace.
Mollusc shells: Cockles and Mussels (not alive, alive-o), Razor Clams, Oyster, various Manila clams/tellins, Whelk, Dog Whelk, Netted Dog Whelk, Periwinkle, Flat Periwinkle, and Top Shells of various colours and sizes.
Others: Spider Crab shell, Mermaids Purse egg case, stone with hole bored by a Piddock and a notable curiosity was a largely intact clay smoking pipe.

The birders continued to keep one eye inland and spotted Marsh Harrier, Kingfisher and Meadow Pipits while we were rummaging on the beach where Oystercatcher and Turnstone were also evident.

Having parked at Keyhaven, the two Richards decide to return along the sea wall and reported seeing a good number of wildfowl including Pintail, c10 Brent Geese and 20 Shelduck. Best of all were 10 Swallows, 4-5 Chiffchaffs and a Wheatear as well as a Red Admiral and a very freshly emerged Comma on Ivy.

A clay pipe
© Glynis Payne
The main group had a third soaking on the return walk but still managed to see a good selection of birds notably Pintail, Shoveler, and Lapwing among the flocks of Canada Geese and a good variety of fungi including some fine examples of Shaggy Inkcap. We arrived back at the cars under blue skies with the sunshine even bringing out butterflies. On the ivy bushes we saw 3 fresh and bright Red Admirals, 2 Painted Ladies and a Speckled Wood. G&SN

Photos © Geoff & Sue Nuckley, Glynis Payne