18 February 2016 Hordle Manor Farm

Mike and Mary led a party of 14 that set off inland from Hordle Manor Cliff car park. We crossed Danes Stream, which had overflowed into the surrounding meadow, and was a challenge for those not in wellingtons. Looking down on the woodland area we spotted the pheasant feeding stations, but generally very few birds were visible. When we arrived into the meadows we saw crows (Corvids), Starlings and Meadow Pipits.

Our route then took us along the road and into the cornfield, on re-entering the forest Angela pointed out a series of differing woodland ferns. We could hear a Buzzard over the tree line, and eventually saw it flying overhead. The highlight of the walk was an extremely close sighting of a Skylark on the ground at the golf links, which remained in place for several minutes whilst we studied it closely.

We then walked onto the cliff area and noted the alarming rate of coastal erosion, where coastal defences were clearly visible on the beach, previously sited on the cliff top. Barton cliffs are geologically very important, especially for their fossil content.