04 February 2016 Cadman's Pool

Angela’s aim for this outing was to try and keep our feet dry and out of the boggy ground still prevailing through the Forest. Although there were a couple of muddy patches along the paths we did manage to stay fairly clean.

Cadman’s Pool is named after Arthur Cadman who was Deputy Surveyor of the New Forest from 1959 to 1968 and had the pool created during his period in office. He was an expert on British deer and wildfowl, and authored several books and many magazine articles. 

We walked an anti-clockwise path along the plain between the road and inclosures then turning north-west between North Bentley and South Bentley Inclosures as far as the Dockens Water before returning through South Bentley Inclosure and Anses Wood. 

First to catch our attention was an early Woodlark singing directly above us which we watched for several minutes. Although the light was poor so the bird was mostly in silhouette we were able to easily see its diagnostic short tail.

Later, during our biscuit break, we spotted a raptor which initially we thought might be the Buzzard we’d seen floating around earlier but as it approached we could see the sleek outline of a Peregrine Falcon (below) which soared overhead.

As we walked through South Bentley Inclosure we heard the loud croaking of Ravens but frustratingly were unable to see them through the tall trees.