07 April 2016 Bramshaw Wood

Marge guided us on this circular walk in the north of the Forest. Unfortunately it was a dull morning that turned wet by mid-day. 

It was an interesting walk through Beech woodland where we found Jackdaws and Stock Doves, although the doves were only seen flying over the bare tree tops. The common denominator is that they are both hole nesting species and beech trees provide the nesting sites. We had several Nuthatch sightings and saw a Treecreeper when relaxing at half time. Both Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers were heard. 

Round-leaved Water Crowfoot

There were very few flowers during much of the walk, most noticeably an absence of Lesser Celandines which were growing around Nomansland as we returned towards the car park. We found Round-leaved Water Crowfoot (below). We left wondering how a colossal sawn section of tree trunk came to be in the middle of the woods when the stump was nowhere in the vicinity.