27 October 2016 Acres Down

Porcelain Fungus
A couple of days of rain after a long dry spell had brought out the autumn colours and the fungi.  We walked from Acres Down car park through Wick Wood which is a lovely deciduous wood with plenty of leaf litter for the fungi.  Notable were the Fly Agaric under their associated Birch trees, the Porcelain Fungus gleaming on beech branches and the purple Amythest Deceiver buried in the fallen beech leaves.  

What was remarkable was how few edible fungi we found.   Sadly, in spite of all the publicity surrounding the Forestry Commission's warnings on fungi picking, the pickers had been busy and had left very little behind, just one small cluster of Hedgehog Fungi which we tried to hide as best we could.  A stiff climb up Acres Down and we enjoyed the views from the top, Sway Tower, the Isle of Wight and Southampton Docks were all visible.  This is a wonderful year for berries and grey rumped Fieldfares were enjoying the fine crop of Holly berries.