Walk report: 21 July 2022 Culverley with Robert and Glynis Payne

Horsefly habitat © Richard Smith

We convened in Culverley car park, near Beaulieu, on a cooler day compared to recent extremes.

Setting off down a bank we paused a while on a little bridge over a quiet stream, admiring the flashes of fluttering colour from the Holly Blue, Gatekeeper and Beautiful Demoiselle damselflies.

Holly Blue © Sue Skarstein
A path through the trees revealed glimpses of Spotted Flycatcher, Chaffinch Song Thrush and a immature Blackcap with the calling of distant Stock Dove heard. We also identified Common Cow-wheat, Wood Sorrel and Purple Loosestrife.

Blackcap - immature © Chris Robinson

Passing through open areas we saw Mistle Thrush and, circumventing cattle sheltering in an oasis of shade, made our way into Tantany Wood, finding Redstart, Long-tailed Tit, Nuthatch, Treecreeper, Wren and several sightings again of Spotted Flycatchers.

Woodland Grasshopper © Andy Skarstein
Speckled Wood butterfly greeted us with their spiralling dances as we picked our way among the old Oaks, Beeches and many fallen trees, breaking out finally into more open areas of Bracken, heather and cottongrass of Halfpenny Green.

Silver-studded Blue - female © Chris Robinson

We found Dwarf Gorse and Coral Necklace and Round-leaved Sundew where once it would have been wetter, a couple of Common and Silver-studded Blue butterflies and a Dark Giant Horsefly.

Dwarf Gorse with Ling © Chris Robinson
Coral Necklace © Richard Smith
Dark Giant Horsefly © Andy Skarstein
On nearing the car park we came across the charred remains of a fire which, thankfully, had not caused the catastrophic destruction of all the beauty that we had just walked through. R&GP


Our route
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