Forthcoming talks and our AGM 10 & 24 March 2020

Dear All,

I am writing to advise you that following the increasing reports of the spread of the coronavirus your Committee has reluctantly decided to end the winter talks early. We have cancelled the two remaining indoor meetings – this coming Tuesday, 10th March, and on 24th March. The AGM will be pushed back into the Autumn programme.

Have we overreacted? Who knows? Only time will tell and hindsight will be the judge. Taking the welfare of our members into consideration I think we will have done the right thing in the long run. I hope that you will agree that this is a wise and sensible course of action.

Certainly our regular field meetings will go ahead as planned throughout the Spring and Summer and I hope you will enjoy as many as possible, although it is recommended that participants bring their own biscuits and don’t share the use of optics such as telescopes.

Hopefully by the time our next programme of talks begins on 22nd September, with Mike Read’s excellent presentation “Hampshire – Nature in Trust”, this difficult situation will be over.

Keep well and best wishes