Outing 12 April 2018 London Wetland Centre

Peacock Tower
Ring-necked Parakeet

Adrian and Kay arranged the well-supported Lym Nats coach trip to the London Wetland Centre, Barnes. It was a grey and rather gloomy day, so it seemed rather strange not to see some of the taller London landmarks.

It was a great day out spent wandering the well-laid out paths bird watching, looking at the more unfamiliar wildfowl species in the collection pens and socialising. Around the visitor centre were Ring-necked Parakeets, whilst over the tracks and lagoons flitted Sand Martins newly arrived from Africa. Other summer visitors noted were Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Swallow and Willow Warbler. Some of those birding from the Peacock Tower saw a lethargic Jack Snipe, perhaps the bird of the day.

Red Deadnettle
The interesting collection from all over the world showed how varied wildfowl species can be from smart Emperor Geese to the rather more colourful drake Hooded Merganser. Also admired was a pair of White-naped Cranes.

Around some of the ponds clumps of Marsh-marigold brightened the otherwise dull scene. Elsewhere other plants in flower included Common Horsetail and Red and White Deadnettles, the former also being found in a white variety.

Grey Heron - adult