10 April 2017 Spring!

Green-winged Orchid
Already the early flowers of Coltsfoot have turned to ‘clocks’ along the road to the recycling centre off the Milford Road and now if one looks along the southern verge of Woodside Lane in Lymington the purple flowering spikes of Green-winged Orchids have appeared.

Butterfly-wise Brimstones, Orange-tips, Holly Blues and Speckled Woods have emerged and are on the wing along with Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells and the occasional Painted Lady which may have hibernated.

Many of the summer visiting birds are arriving with Chiffchaffs singing, Swallows and martins hawking insects over ponds and lakes, especially somewhere like Blashford Lakes, and in the Forest Redstarts have been recorded.

Orane-tip - male
With the fine weather forecast for the coming days there’s plenty out there to go and look for and enjoy!

Photos: © Richard Coomber